About Us

The Lindfield Partners brings together more than 100 years of combined partner experience as CEOs in both public and private organisations. Commencing back in 2006 we continue to provide successful business advisory and mentoring services with our clients.

We love to ask challenging questions of our clients and to identify the key business needs in a way that cuts through the business jargon and gets to real outcomes that add value and benefit the client. We understand it is complicated to find the right adviser for your business. A common complaint we hear from many organisations who engage with professional business advisory firms is the relative inexperience of many of the consultants placed in front of the customer and the resulting scepticism about the final recommendations, not to mention the lack of value in the advice received. We believe the clutter and noise surrounding the business mentoring and management consulting market has expanded significantly over digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in the past 10 years. There has been a commoditisation of business and mentoring services with more inexperienced business consultants than ever and the problem has become worse over the past few years.

At The Lindfield Partners our commitment to our customers is to use our experience gained over many years as corporate CEOs for the benefit of our customers and to not waste your time and money with inexperienced and impractical recommendations!


Our Purpose

To provide a comprehensive range of business advisory services to clientele in our target markets. An important component of The Lindfield Partners business model is to provide collegiate networking services between our various Business Partners and client companies that delivers a seamless “one stop business consultancy” service for our customers.

Our target market includes:

  • SME organisations in Australia looking for ways to:
  1. Expand their business either organically and/or through acquisitions
  2. Develop productivity improvements that lead to increased profitability
  3. Plan for the owner’s exit or retirement
  • Private equity and venture capital firms seeking strong business prospects to fund and develop
  • Research Centres in universities and government organisations looking for a path to commercialise intellectual property
  • CEO and Senior Executive recruiting for clients

Our Target Market

Our team has the experience to assist commercial or Not-For-Profit organisations from start up to $50m annual turnover and/or 250 full-time staff.

The key services we provide includes:

  • Mentoring services for CEOs
  • Updating your business strategy
  • Growing sales and improved gross margin performance
  • Development of reliable information and reporting systems
  • Innovation and Commercialisation of intellectual property
  • Improving productivity from your administration and operations
  • Compliance with Fair Work/WH&S legislation programs
  • Recruiting experienced CEOs and CFOs for key positions
  • Expansion through acquisitions or mergers
  • Raising debt or equity capital for new projects
  • Succession plans and exit strategies for current owners

Our goal is to provide value adding services for our clients, leaving you free to manage and deliver the highest level of performance for your organisation that achieves outstanding customer service levels for your clients and maximises wealth for you and your investors.

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