How We Work

The Lindfield Partners team is committed to provide a reliable, approachable and expert service in a “one stop business consultancy.” The business consultancy is built on strong business foundations and principles. We understand our success will only come from being able to satisfy our customer’s needs. To achieve the desired outcomes we have developed a set of Propositions for both our customers and ourselves.

Listening and Communication

We understand our customer’s requirements to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention by:

  • Eliminating incorrect assumptions about our customers
  • Identifying key customer requirements
  • Establishing customer listening and learning procedures
  • Continual assessment and improving customer contact
  • Enabling transparent customer complaint management
  • Measuring customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Aligning our management systems to attract and retain loyal customers.

Innovative Solutions

We are looking for a systematic and continual improvement approach to our processes. Performance will be enhanced by:

  • Applying a step by step process improvement approach
  • Identifying our core business processes that add customer value and outsource the rest
  • Translating customer requirements into product and service designs
  • Reducing production cycle times and the cost of poor quality
  • Managing critical business processes including supply chain management, research and development, and knowledge management
  • Establishing world class production and delivery processes
  • Benchmarking to inspire continuous improvements.

Delivering Results

We will measure our performance with facts. Even good organisations often rely on assumptions, leaps of abstraction and questionable data to make decisions. We will create an effective information system to measure performance by:

  • Developing a balanced scorecard based on agreed KPI measures
  • Communicating performance on key measures to those who can use the information to improve
  • Understanding the cause and effect relationship of key measures
  • Aligning measures and analysis with goals and strategies.
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