Our Team

The founding principal, John Scutt (John Scutt Profile) has worked in Board and CEO roles across the Asia Pacific region covering a range of industries and has enjoyed a high level of commercial success.
Partner and senior consultant, Brendan Barrow (Brendan Barrow Profile) has worked in Board and General Manager roles in the UK, Europe and Middle East specialising in FMCG and Packaging industries.
Partner and senior consultant, Jacqui Brook (Jacqui Brook Profile) has worked in senior marketing roles in Asia, Europe and Oceania specialising in FMCG packaged goods, Travel, Professional Services and Finance sectors in multinational and SME organisations.
Partner and senior consultant, Ivor Reed (Ivor Reed Profile) has worked in senior General Management roles across a range of functions in the Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Tier 1/2 Professional Services Management Consulting, Defence and Transport business sectors.


The Lindfield Partners is a collaboration of experienced team members and partners who have worked in senior management roles over 100 years in a range of industry sectors including:

  • Advertising & Public Relations
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Aged Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • State & Commonwealth Governments
  • Tourism
  • Transport & Distribution

We also have access to a large range of independent information sources and expertise to draw on as required to ensure the specific client needs are researched comprehensively before all assignments commence. As we expand the partnership program our aim is to increase the business consultancy knowledge base to include additional industry sectors.


With each assignment our goal is to achieve a holistic assessment of the client needs before taking action. Our experience for over 100 years gives our team the skills to ensure we provide a practical, reliable Action Plan covering:

  • Project Team selection
  • Strategic/Business Plan review covering the people, products (and services) and operating processes
  • Creation of an effective Communication Program for all stakeholders
  • Provision of Leadership Training for key staff of the client
  • Working with the client to determine Change Management Actions
  • Developing adequate Financial and Business Reporting to measure agreed outcomes from the Action Plan


The ability to achieve the outcomes for our customers is not a theoretical exercise. We believe in establishing measurable Key Performance Indicators to provide guidelines for continuous improvement. Whether you are an elite athlete or business professional, improvement in performance can only come from appraisal and reappraisal of the recommended actions. Some of the more identifiable Key Performance Indicators we use at the Lindfield Partners are:

  • Financial performance against the Budget – “make the numbers”
  • Customer Service performance against the Promise – “keeping customers happy”
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the Supply Chain performance – “get the best result from suppliers”
  • Clear and unambiguous Reporting and Communication performance – “Keeping all stakeholders informed”
  • Compliance performance with all Statutory, Corporate, Workplace and Industrial Regulations – “Observe the law”
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