Our team has enjoyed working with both ASX listed and privately owned firms in food, commercial lighting products, steel products, electronic control components, computers and commercial furniture industry sectors with over 50 years experience working at the Board and CEO level developing strategic business plans, improving operational performance and building new revenue streams from new business strategies.

Our projects have included:

  • Business expansion in the commercial furniture industry from $14m to an annualised turnover of $30m over a 4 year period whilst achieving a 200+% increase in earnings after tax through the diversification of the business revenue sources and productivity initiatives
  • Worked with the CEO of a commercial lighting products company, to expand the commercial and industrial lighting product range as well as advising on expansion into China and Europe. The assistance included CEO mentoring, new business presentations, executive recruitment and writing a Strategic Business Plan
  • Working with clients to develop Strategic Business Plans
  • Development of marketing strategies for new products and services
  • Merger negotiations for in the food, computers and commercial furniture firms
  • Participating in debt and equity capital raising for acquisition of competitor firms in the commercial furniture industry
  • Research & development of new products brought to market
  • Restructured production processes leading to productivity improvements from a dedicated workforce
  • Development and deployment of outsource strategies designed to reduce inventory levels and cost of production
  • Direct and dealer channel sales team management achieving strong sales growth
  • Negotiation of manufacturing and royalty agreements with international partners leading to improved cost of production and broadened range of products
  • Conducted formal due diligence on merger opportunities within the food, electronic control components, computers and commercial furniture industry sectors as part of a strategy to diversify the revenue base of these companies and increase the scale of business activity
  • Developed a strategic business plan approved by ASX, ASIC, Board and shareholders leading to the successful raising of $3.2m for future acquisitions and accelerated organic growth in the commercial furniture industry
  • Running change of culture programs designed to lift productivity of the workforce
  • Design and production of marketing promotions
  • Online and e-commerce web solutions, search and media strategies¬†
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