What does it take to become a winning team?

What does it take to become a winning team?

I recently attended a talk about building winning teams and thought you might be interested in some of the ideas discussed.

To become a winning team there needs to be a growth mindset from your leadership team (read Board and CEO) built on sustainable values and culture. Leadership is not about getting followers but empowering others to lead by example (empowering emotional intelligence).

“organisations are at their best when the people working with the organisation are growing”.

What makes a business outstanding and others just average or worse failing? Inevitably it comes back to the people involved and a well thought out strategic plan being implemented.

What does it take to become a winning team?

It is critical to focus on the future, building on the past, investing in people not things (read brand, systems, offices etc.) and always be authentic and relevant. How often do you see business owners focussing on new systems, a bigger office or branding efforts? Whilst these activities are important the reality is your money would be better spent on improving the quality of your staff.  Talent selection is about having the right people in the right positions at the right time.

When talking to your staff ask them “how they are feeling?” not “what are you doing?” In fact with your key internal and external stakeholders there are the three C’s: communicate, collaborate and connect. To get the connectivity with stakeholders will require more than a social media marketing plan! Far too often business owners fail the fundamental communication test and completely miss the opportunities to collaborate with strategic partnerships that lead to a more successful business. How often does your business use the three C’s to understand how staff, customers and suppliers are really feeling?

Ok you have everything else in place and believe you have the right sustainable values and culture within your team to be winners. The next critical step is to have a clear and articulated strategic plan. Why are you doing the portfolio of services and products on offer? What do your staff and customers think about the services and products on offer? How do you give a great experience for staff and customers that makes your business sustainable and not simply rely on price to make sales? A winning team still requires a strategic plan that correctly identifies the market need and meets the delivery standards that results in your best ambassadors being your staff and existing customers.

Armed with these few thoughts how do you feel about your team? Do you have a winning team?  It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large business, a sporting team or even a government the fundamentals of building a winning team do not change.

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Does your business have what it takes to become a winning team?

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