Lindfield Partners - Accounting Services

Accounting Services

We offer competent technical capabilities, a client focused culture and access to respected professionals delivering a range of accounting services.
Lindfield Partners - Board Advisory Services

Board Advisory Services

We help our clients build qualified, experienced and diverse boards; appoint non-executive chairmen; advise on board succession and corporate governance issues; and provide tailored non executive director and board services.
Lindfield Partners - Business Growth Services

Business Growth Services

We offer a mix of standard lean methods and advanced business process improvement techniques. Our approach is to work with your team to deliver outstanding productivity and quality outcomes.

Lindfield Partners - Business Startup Services

Business Startup Services

We have designed a number of small business consulting services to support the entrepreneurial process, helping to increase the survival rates for innovative start-up companies who become customers.
Lindfield Partners - Capital Raising Services

Capital Raising Services

We work closely with our clients offering comprehensive capital raising services where we evaluate the best capital raising strategy for each clients unique circumstances.
Lindfield Partners - Executive Search Services

Executive Search Services

Our experienced team will offer a range of HR services working with our partners to recruit and retain the best talent available for your organisation.
Lindfield Partners - Marketing Services

Marketing Services

We offer a mix of marketing and communication services which match today’s and tomorrow’s business environment to drive growth through delivering real, connecting and engaging messages to your audience.
Lindfield Partners - Mentoring Services

Mentoring Services

Mentoring assistance for the business owner or CEO can be through an executive coach or mentor and should be considered an investment that, done properly, can provide a high return to themselves, their organisation and team.
Lindfield Partners - Mergers & Acquisition Services

Mergers & Acquisition Services

We offer a range of M&A experience gained over many years in Australia across public and private organisations. Our experienced team will work with our partners to identify potential merger and acquisition opportunities for your organisation and assist with any business valuation requirements.

Lindfield Partners - Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning Services

At Lindfield Partners, our experience developing a strategic business plan can benefit companies of all sizes and be a great advantage when determining the future direction of the business and establishing measurable KPIs for the executive team.
Lindfield Partners - Succession Planning Services

Succession Planning Services

We focus on a range of succession planning options including:

  • Retention Planning: Retention of the business within the family circle; and
  • Buy-sell Planning: Selling the business to other business owners or key employees or interested outsiders.

Business advice and mentoring services without any hidden agendas

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