Non Executive Director & Board Services

The presence of a strong, independent and effective board is critical to the success of every organization. We help our clients build qualified, experienced and diverse boards; appoint non-executive chairmen; advise on board succession and corporate governance issues; and provide tailored non executive director and board services.

Our experience covers clients from public, private and family-owned companies, as well as startups and nonprofit organizations.

A) Non-Executive Directors

Our non executive director and Board services include:

  • Director recruitment Through our own database developed over many years containing many experienced non-executive directors as well as access to other relevant organisations including the Australian Institute of Company Directors, we help place outstanding directors who add value to the boards they join.
  • Board evaluations

Our approach to board evaluation is to work with our clients as required and include sophisticated self-assessment surveys and analytical tools, director and management interviews, fee reviews, documentation reviews, boardroom observation and workshops.

B) Advisory Boards

It is common for small to medium sized enterprises (SME), especially family owned businesses to establish Advisory Boards as a means of gaining access to high level advice and put in place an appropriate structure to support the practice of good governance. An independent advisory board can deliver many benefits to the strategic management of a business.

Our services include:

  • Establishing Advisory Boards

Our approach is to work with the business owners to determine the objective of the Advisory Board; create terms of reference that will guide both your organisation and the external advisory board members; create a framework for regular meetings following director and management interviews, documentation reviews, boardroom observation and workshops; set expectations for fair compensation.

  • Advisory Board recruitment

It is important to choose the right people and start smaller rather than bigger; assessing the skills that are required to assist is critical and most importantly the candidates must have the time and motivation to contribute; from our own database developed over many years containing many experienced non-executive advisory members as well access to the Australian Institute of Company Directors jobs board services, we help place outstanding advisory members who add value to the organisations they join.

C) Company Secretary

With the complexity of managing your business under an ever expanding range of state and commonwealth legislation, compliance with the law is critical to the organisations reputation and can have serious financial implications if not managed professionally. Our secretarial services have been developed to cover the increasingly prescriptive legislation under the Corporations Law and Corporate Governance for both public and private organisations with the provision of a range of company secretarial services. As required we will also engage with professional advisors to assist with the necessary legal advice. The range of company secretarial services covers:

  • ASX & ASIC Monitoring and Reporting
  • Board meeting management, attendance and minutes
  • Audit / Remuneration / Other Committee meeting attendance and minutes
  • Share and option registry management (both in-house and outsourced)
  • Board administration (Deeds, D&O Insurance, etc)
  • AGM preparation and management
  • Development of company specific corporate governance policies.
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