Business Growth Services

Business Process Improvement

We offer a mix of standard lean methods and advanced business process improvement techniques. Our approach is to work with your Board and CEO to deliver outstanding productivity and quality outcomes. Through our partner program we have experienced and professionally qualified experts in lean process improvement who have successfully delivered process change to drive productivity improvements.

The key to our work to improve your business performance is to break down the steps by:

  • Addressing existing process, role, structure and system issues
  • Engaging staff
  • Rapidly capturing the required detail
  • Supporting quantitative analysis
  • Employing proven implementation techniques

We can support you right through from conceptualisation to deployment, underpinned with outstanding metrics, implementation methods, and change management advice. From pilot phase to embedding practice, we can help you!

Government Tenders

We will assist organisations to identify the range of government contracts available through the open tender process. Whilst governments may appear to be difficult to develop close relationships with, the tendering process at all levels of government increasingly supports strong submissions from Australian owned organisations, particularly if opportunities arise to commercialise intellectual property as a way of creating substantial new wealth for both the organisation and the broader Australian community.

There is a tried and tested process to secure government contracts and it usually commences with initial contacts being made within the respective government department or agency well before the tender process has commenced to avoid probity issues that arise once the tender process is underway. For many organisations the in-house skills in dealing with government may simply be too inexperienced in spite of the company having the potential to be successful in the tender process if it was able to follow key steps. Governments generally want to be seen to assist local business achieve success in Australia and in particular, Austrade, the Commonwealth Government export agency is equally supportive to generate export sales from proven Australian organisations.

Our experienced team offers a range of services and works with our partners to prepare tender responses for your organisation. Depending upon the size and resources of our customers, our approach to the tender process will vary but overall we have developed a successful multi-step model for government tenders by linking a number of key steps.

  • Identify the appropriate government departments and/or agencies to approach concerning the credentials of the organisation and promote controlled Intellectual Property (IP) owned by the customer
  • Validation of the suitability of the IP to perform the specific tasks required to be satisfied through effective research and commercial acceptance by the government department and/or agency
  • If practical, participate in the specification of requirements to be established for the upcoming tender process
  • Work with the organisation to prepare a professional and comprehensive response to all questions and requirements detailed in the tender documentation
  • Continue to reassure the government department and/or agency at each review point of the assessment program of our customers capability to fully comply with the terms and conditions of the tender
  • Once successfully awarded the tender, assist the customer with the project plan and resource plan to be undertaken in the project

Product and Services Innovation

Most companies recognize that new products and services are the lifeblood of the future – and that it is imperative to maintain an abundant pipeline of product and service concepts that range from line extensions to breakthroughs. The challenge is a formidable one: extend existing products to maximize their contribution throughout their lifecycle while concurrently introducing compelling new offerings that may potentially cannibalize the existing portfolio or create new categories of growth.

Regardless of the industry, organizations often face common challenges related to driving new product, service and category innovation, including:

  • Identifying promising opportunity areas
  • Moving beyond massive amounts of consumer data to gain meaningful insights
  • Translating insights into breakthrough business concepts
  • Prioritizing and selecting the most promising opportunities
  • Championing and defending fragile ideas through the innovation process
  • Building the organizational alignment required for successful execution

Our service offering starts by filtering the new product, service and category innovation, seeking to conceptualize, develop, test and introduce breakthrough opportunities that inspire customers and, in some cases, spur disruptive innovation. Our approach involves:

“Industry Drivers” – conducting a review of the trends, dislocations, opportunities and enablers of an industry to establish a strategic positioning that creates leadership in the marketplace.

“Customer Needs” – examining the customer needs research and then interpreting these inputs and translate them into new product and service opportunities.

“Strategic Plans” – An approach for engaging both the leadership team and the broader organization around a shared path for growth. This alignment enables buy-in, accelerates decision-making and ensures rapid implementation.

By aiming high – it becomes possible to innovate strategically.

Sales and Marketing Plans

We offer services to develop your Sales and Marketing Plans by building a matrix of Product and Service features, benefits and positioning in the market designed to grow the sales and profitability of your organisation. Apart for from the Business Plan many unfortunately do not have a detailed sales and marketing plan. It is critical to your success when selling products and services to identify consumer needs, establishing target markets and applying competitive products and services to serve these markets. It also involves promoting such products and services within the marketplace.

Marketing is integral to the success of a business, large or small, with its primary focus on quality, consumer value and customer satisfaction. A strategy commonly utilised is the “Marketing Mix”. This tool is made up of four variables known as the “Four P’s” of marketing. The marketing mix blends these variables together to produce the results it wants to achieve in its specific target market. The following describes the four P’s of marketing:

  • Product

Products are the goods and services that your business provides for sale to your target market. When developing a product you should consider quality, design, features, money dollars covering costs expenses, packaging, customer service and any subsequent after-sales service.

  • Place

Place is in regards to distribution, location and methods of getting the product to the customer. This includes the location of your business, shop front, distributors, logistics and the potential use of the internet to sell products directly to consumers.

  • Price

Price concerns the amount of money that customers must pay in order to purchase your products. There are a number of considerations in relation to price including price setting, discounting, credit and cash purchases as well as credit collection.

  • Promotion

Promotion refers to the act of communicating the benefits and value of your product to consumers. It then involves persuading general consumers to become customers of your business using methods such as advertising, direct marketing, personal selling and sales promotion.

Staff Training

The training services have been designed to assist organisations in their education and training programs where expert guidance is required to develop training programs or perform “train the trainer” educational seminars. With the much publicised skills shortage in the Australian workforce, our experienced team will be able to supplement the in-house training skills in most organisations. The outcomes from our training programs will be to achieve more with the existing resources available. The types of services we offer will be specifically designed for each client’s needs and cover various activities including:

  • Development of proven and reliable training systems
  • Specific training courses in leadership, sales development and special needs for language, mathematics and computer literacy
  • Preparation for compliance with ISO/WH&S accreditation programs

Our expertise extends to various training systems in Australia covering:

  • Leadership training programs
  • Development of educational programs
  • Writing specialised training documentation
  • OH&S monitoring and documentation
  • Tutoring, coaching and mentoring
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