I started working with John Scutt of Lindfield Partners several years ago when I was setting up a management buyout of my business.  Under John’s tutelage, my now business partners and I worked well together throughout the initial stages as he guided us through uncharted waters.  His guidance and experience proved invaluable for first-timers like myself and my board of directors. I  had no hesitation to call for John’s support throughout the process, so much so that he maintained a seat on our Advisory Board well after the agreements were struck and the transition was under way.  His business acumen and industry knowledge, delivered in a reassuring and confident manner meant that John was, and still is a welcome visitor at Techtel. I am pleased to say we are well into the transition now and the foundation John helped us lay those few years ago is holding fast, and for that I must thank John for his input and guidance.

David Elsmore

Executive Chairman, Techtel Pty Ltd

We prefer to only deal with other businesses and individuals that are “on the same page” as we are. Whist this does greatly limit who we choose to work for, work with, or seek help & advice from… it ensures that we are “practicing what we preach”. I have personally known John Scutt from Lindfield Partners and worked with John for over ten years and I feel this puts me in the perfect position to know the calibre of the man and whether he is someone who can deliver what he says he can… John is a man of integrity, loyalty, and honesty with a refreshing directness. He can deliver what he says he can (he will not promise what he cannot deliver) and I know this to be true as I have personally benefited greatly from John’s business acumen, business management, and succession planning skills and cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone who wants results and wants to get them promptly with professionalism, efficiency and integrity.

John Aitchison

Managing Director, It Can Be Done Pty Ltd

I originally met John Scutt at a business breakfast some time ago, so it speaks well of his networking skills that we remained in touch and when we were looking at my succession planning he was the first person I called upon. Since we started that exercise earlier this year John has been superb. He has been planner, new business fossicker, mentor and motivator. His business knowledge and experience is prodigious. His business contacts are extensive (again those networking skills) and I have rarely stumped him with an avenue of enquiry in which he didn’t know someone who could help.

Dennis Rutzou

Managing Director, Dennis Rutzou PR Pty Ltd

With John’s background in dealing with government clients, the Brave team welcomed the opportunity to team up with John where our focus was on a fresh approach to strategies for government advertising campaigns across all levels of government to generate creative ideas with an Australian bias aimed at delivering memorable communication solutions for a range of government services to the Australian public.

David Harding

Managing Director", Brave New World Pty Ltd

I have worked with John for the past 3 years on a range of projects. He has a wealth of business knowledge experience and a network that allows him to add value to every meeting and conversation. John goes out of his way to deliver more than he is asked and understands the value of building networks and alliances, providing many introductions that have developed into opportunities. With John, you always get more than you expect!

Stephen Pratt

Managing Director, Kurz Australia

John’s clarity of thinking and understanding of current issues in business helped inform my thinking on a range of issues. He helped me set a platform for stronger decisions, more strategic problem-solving, and sharper proposals. I’m very grateful for his mentoring and input.

Paul Colgan

Director, C|T Group

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