I have been inspired today by listening to the founder of aussieBum, Sean Ashby talking about his business that in 14 years has gone from him being a beach bum at Bondi to a major internationally successful Australian retail brand. How did this happen? We have had a GFC and political uncertainty around the world. Yet here is a guy who has made it happen through passion and servicing the needs of his customer every single day over 14 years. Wow all business owners can look at this phenomenal success story and say there must be a secret.

Most business owners fail to fully realise their dreams not because the goal was unattainable but simply because of the inability to maintain a discipline and do the hard work required. The question I will leave you with today.

“What single thing could I do this week to bring the most value to my company?”

By doing something that will improve performance by 1% this week looking back over 12 months this becomes 50% improvement. Such a simple question to ask yourself but how many do?

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Good luck with your business venture.

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